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Marìa ANDUEZA (E) A new kind of audience: the citizen of the work.

Eleonore BAK (F) Visualisation of Sound.

Luca BERGERO (IT) Acoustic Ecology and Music Therapy: from Sonorous/Musical Element to the Environmental Sound Element.

Alessandra CALANCHI (IT) Ear to the page. Literary soundscapes in detective fiction.

Lelio CAMILLERI (IT) Rethinking Acoustic Design.

Massimo CAVALLARO (IT) Acoustic Park at Salina Festival.

David CHAPMAN /Louise K. WILSON (GB) Falkland: a sonic investigation of place;

Antonello COLIMBERTI (IT) Marcel Jousse and the replay of auricular gestures.

Dario D'ORAZIO (IT) Open field recordings for annoyance evaluation: sociological and psychoacoustical notes.

Roberto DOATI (IT) La Lanterna. Genova speculativa;
Soundscape as source of inspiration for an Hörspiel.

Bernard FORT (F) Musical and scientific interest for the sound slowdown. The notion of chronobiology.

Anke HAUN (D) Break, an experiment.

Sophea LERNER (AUS) The Emperors New Noise :sonic mobilities, listening and the question of noise in Delhi.

Giulia LIBRO (IT) TUNESCAPE - Visual exploration of the multidimensionality of sonic phenomena in urban context.

Ilaria MANCINO (IT) Excuse me, are you in favor or against it? - Survey on the experience of opening of the historic centers in Italy.

Albert MAYR (IT) Acoustc Ecology! I beg your pardon, what kind of ecology?

John McGEE (IRL) The Potential Role of Listening Modes in Auditory Interfaces for Location-based Services.

Valeria MERLINI (IT) / OLAF SCHÄFER (D) "Symphony of a metropolis - a dualistic listening experience.

Marco MONARI (IT) The memory of a square, The soundscape of S.Stefano square, Bologna (2005-2010).

Bruno PISEK (A) More Listeners. Less Recordings.
Ivana PRIKA (SRB) A new era of (music) listening - from soundless to noisy environment.

Antonella RADICCHI (IT) Sensuous Urbanism and Soundscape Studies - Some notes on the design of soundscapes in contemporary city.

Ida RECCHIA (IT) Soundscapes: qualities of space, architectural codes.

Hein ScHOER (D) The Sounding Museum: Two Weeeks in Alert Bay.

Enrico VARAGNOLO (IT) untitled.

Noora VIKMAN (FIN) Qietnecessity.

Stefano ZORZANELLO (IT) Multilevel sound maps in digital sound cartography.

Hans U. WERNER (D) Listening towards a mediology of sound.

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