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Tempo Reale - Villa Strozzi - Via Pisana 77 50143 Firenze
Scientific & Music Program May 20-22 2011



Stefano DE SANTIS Characterization of the noise of a wind turbine and perception in the surrounding soundscape

Wind turbines generate sound via various routes, both mechanical and aerodynamic.
As the technology has advanced, wind turbines have gotten much quieter, but sound from wind turbines is still an important siting criterion.
Sound emissions from wind turbine have been one of the more studied environmental impact areas in wind energy engineering. Sound levels can be measured, but, similar to other environmental concerns, the public's perception of the acoustic impact of wind turbines is, in part, a subjective determination.
Whether a sound is objectionable will depend on the type of sound (tonal, broadband, low frequency, or impulsive) and the circumstances and sensitivity of the person (or receptor) who hears it. Because of the wide variation in the levels of individual tolerance for noise, there is no completely satisfactory way to measure the subjective effects of noise or of the corresponding reactions of annoyance and dissatisfaction.
After a field study of a single turbine located in a rural town in the province of Lecce (Puglia), this proposal for a scientific report has the aim to characterize the sound produced and synthetically to suggest links with different perceptibility of human ear of the soundscape around a windturbine factory.

Stefano “Urkuma” De Santis, born in the South-east part of Italy, studied industrial engineering at Salento University, he began his artistic career as a playwright, and later developed a musical approach to translate his theatre concepts into sound. The word Urkuma is specific to the FinisTerrae part of Italy and expresses a state of mind, that is possible to compare with the opposite to the Buddhist concept of nirvana. He did releases, performances, symposiums and installations in Italy, Poland, Usa, Austria,UK, Spain, Portugal, Swiss, Slovack Rep., Japan and has collaborated with a wide range of musicians and sound composers.
He has made instrumental compositions, electroacustic, works of musical theater, sound installations and site specific interventions around soundscape’perception. Is worthy of note to remember “ Finisterrae Cronotopo” in collaboration with Pierpaolo Leo: http://www.pierpaololeo.it/mapping/start.html

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