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Tempo Reale - Villa Strozzi - Via Pisana 77 50143 Firenze
Scientific & Music Program May 20-22 2011



Marinos KOUTSOMICHALIS Passaggio Sonoro

This proposal is for a site-specific multichannel performance. I juxtapose environmental recordings from various natural wildlife, urban or industrial environments in real time, to establish a sonorous architecture in response to a particular moment in space and time. I juxtapose recordings selected on the spot from my library to construct organic textures of unique subtlety that merge, collide or antagonize each other.
Expression or representation is irrelevant to my work. What is sought is a straightforward interaction with sound for its own sake. Sound is stripped of all artificial meaning and left exposed into uncertainty. Both the audience and the artist will find themselves immersed into a transcendent and mediative sonic experience - a sonic gellassenheit.
What to expect
An intriguing ever-evolving soundscape carefully fine-tuned to the particular qualities of each particular occasion.

Program Notes
A site-specific improvisation exploiting the location’ s potential. MK juxtaposes environmental recordings in real time into intriguing organic textures. Sound is stripped of all artificial meaning and left exposed into uncertainty, as it immerses both the artist and the audience into a powerful transcendent and mediative experience.



He is a Ph.D. student in music composition in the university of York. His research is on the spatiality of sound and its architectural potential. Based on a phenomenological exploration of the audible in all its manifestations, he seeks to occupy or to interpret time-space in aesthetically intriguing ways. This has nothing to do with opinion or belief - rather than expressing or representing anything, he aims at profoundly immersive and transcendent sonic experiences.
His works have been exhibited in numerous spaces worldwide. He has released 5 solo albums, in various labels, including the highly acclaimed british Entr'Acte, and his own agxivatein. He is member of the Center of Contemporary Music Research (founded by I. Xenakis), of the Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association, and of the Ear to The Earth Organization, amongst other institutions.
Main Interests :
Sound per se as a self-evident site and time specific experience.
Multidimensional soundscape composition.
Site-specific Sound installations.
Interpretation of found soundscapes.
Generative music and real-time improvisation using computers.
Sound Synthesis and DSP.
Theoretical work dealing with aesthetic, technical and philosophical implications of the above

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