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Tempo Reale - Villa Strozzi - Via Pisana 77 50143 Firenze
Scientific & Music Program May 20-22 2011



Luca BERGERO Acoustic Ecology and Music Therapy: from Sonorous/Musical Element to the Environmental Sound Element.

The World Health Organization point out how noise could be a significant risk for public health and
underlines, in particular, how it affects weak classes, elderly people, children, poor, sick people.
Considering the clues of WHO is, therefore, increasingly urgent to pay attention to environmental
sound, both to protect and improve the quality of life of many people as possible, and to the
possible creative, expressive, communicative and relational implications.
Paying attention to the implications of noise in relation to psychiatric disorders, music therapy and
acoustic ecology propose an important opportunity for discussion and reflection.
Both the disciplines have several similarities and match points, not enough guesses today, which
could privilege, in both directions, the raise of very profitable theoretical and working paths.
On one hand the acoustic ecology, considering the variegated work of music therapy, could include
most in its analysis the models developed considering both the relational and the pathological
world. On the other hand, the music therapy that, compared to many theoretical models, considers
the sonorous/musical item as the main factor in relationships may include, meeting acoustic
ecology, the environmental sound items in its operating instruments, broadening its perspectives
and possibilities.
In both disciplines the sound, in its various forms, is the central focus in order to promote
educational, relational and therapeutic opportunities and paths.
In these opportunities active listening is a point of absolute importance and it has to be valued and
In music therapy is essential to listen carefully to the patient to encourage its expressivity and to
take its peculiarities; it’s also an essential element of the therapeutic setting, in order to allow the
same patient to listen to others and listen to himself.
At the same time acoustic ecology promotes listening to gain a greater awareness (even from an
aesthetic point of view) of the sound world; this awareness is fundamental to understand how the
sound, every day, is not a trivial background against which are held personal stories, but something
active and meaningful.
The sound is an invisible phenomenon, that invisibility often relegates it in a subordinate status.
Acoustic ecology proposes to the contrary the proper of being central.
This report, besides the theoretical assumptions, will show as a case study an experience of music
therapy done in the Centro Diurno Psichiatrico (“Daily Psychiatric Centre”) in Biella (Italy, near
Turin), in which the subjects of acoustic ecology are employed.


Luca Bergero is graduated in electronic engineering from the Politecnico di Torino. He deals with
electroacoustic music, soundscape and acoustic ecology. He is finishing a training in music therapy
at the APIM school in Turin for which, in 2011, he will present a thesis on the theme “Music
therapy and acoustic ecology”.
In 2006 he realized " La Fabbrica e la sua voce - trame sonore dell’industria tessile" (in
collaboration with Luca Sigurtà), a sound exhibition at the museum La fabbrica della ruota (Pray,
He cooperates for recordings and sound design with the film director Manuel Cecconello in several
films. Among them: “Venti” (2003), “Nacquane” (2004), “SIS” (2006), “Beato colui che sarà visto
dai tuoi occhi” (2007), “Strologo” (2009).
He developed an experience of music therapy and soundscape at the psychiatric day center
cooperative ANTEO of Biella.
He collaborates with the cooperative Il Mulino in designing and implementing educational activities
dedicated to acoustic ecology.
He is a member of the Italian section (FKL) of the World Forum For Acoustic Ecology.
Several of his works have been published over recent years by national and international labels:
Vetri di carta (S’agita recordings, 2003), Pocket Progressive (Creative Sources, 2005), Le
baptême de la solitude (Petite sono], 2005), Free for(m) Rimbaud (AFK, 2005), Preghiera per
una stella (AFE, 2006), Pipe Smoking on a Balloon (UM/KO, 2007), Erimos (Digital Industries,
2007), non solo/untilted (Setola di Maiale, 2007), The Wheel (Creative Sources, 2008), Pipe
Smoking on a Balloon (reissue, AFE, 2009), Kapnos (Greysparkle/AFE/CTRLALTCANC, 2009),
Michelangelo Antonioni – Trilogy and Epilogue (VV.AA., AND/OAR, 2010).

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