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Tempo Reale - Villa Strozzi - Via Pisana 77 50143 Firenze
Scientific & Music Program May 20-22 2011



Eleonore BAK Visualisation of Sound.

Visualisations of Sound

Keywords: Art, Urbanisme, invisible Architecture, Soundchoreography, Posturology, Soundmorphology, Geo-mimésis, Soundscape, Audiodrawing, Mediation

The term of soundscape is a neologism conceived by the contraction between landscape and sound has been definated by the Canadien Robert Murray Schafer. It represents a sound environnement.

New perceptive logic, etymologic and epistemologic augmentation, the concept of space dont testify only our perceptive evolution. It describes also our contemporary practice of the world. Is space only visual or how can wee see the invisible ?

If the representation can get defined as a grammatical tool using the map, the symbole, the plan, the score, the psychogram as a symbolic image, as some kind of identity, it suggests allways different types of agreements and caracteristic methods.

In a first vision this could seem a simply statement of fact and completly harmless : we place the thinking of sound in an opposition to the visual dominance. For exemple, we could say that sound exists by or through the limits and in the border of image. Decribed by frames, negation or in opposition to them, the real difference is in « the form ». The formal attitudes
change with the sound. The spatial attitudes get influenced and inflicted.

Different forms of classification require critical anlaysis and strict interrogations. The attitude of progressive concepts as we can find them in artistic researches seems create the ideal conditions to disconcert traditional perceptive attitudes.

In having rescourse to artistic practice, we can find some singular and there especially through the realisation of visual sound mediations.

This thinking continues in contemporary art and assumes various aspects : for exemple immateriality, concept, protocol, map or scenography in leading to the device and the exhibition. Two complementary analyses can get associated :

- The contextualisation of the contemporary sound art
- A specific analyse of the works of the autor (Eléonore Baks audiodrawings)


Eléonore Bak is a sound artist. She studied at Polytechnics for art and design in Colone (D), at the International Center for musical research (CIRM), at the Villa Arson and the University of Nice in the departement for literature and media sciences (F). As an international artist, she works on installations, performances and processes of the visualisation of acoustic phenomens. Her subjects are phenomenological, they are concerned by space archeolgy and sound morphology, she works on the notion of spaces in life. She is interested in construction and reconstruction of invisible architectures and perceptions and prepares a doctorship Heraing Thnking Doing, Sound Visualisations in CRESSON, Grenoble. As director of the Sound lab (ARS) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Metz Metropole she developes fields of research in Soundart and its association with architecture and urbanism.

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