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EX3 - Viale Giannotti 81/83/85 50126 Firenze-Italia
Videos & Sound Installations May 20-22 2011



.LarsenSado. w00dPH1.0 [e se gli alberi avessero le orecchie?]

As in the series Fringe and similar to the background of the sci-fi short story “The sound-sweep” (J. G. Ballard, 1960), in the project w00dPH1.0 is assumed that all the noises are movements of matter, and once they come against other matter they change the second one leaving traces. In this project we assume that trees are dumb and patient listeners to a world that continually produces sound, and that during their life, on their bark, layer over layer, they has recorded tracks impressed by all the sound events that around them has
gravitate and collide on their trunk. Marks here became grooves, so prints, marks, furrows, and their respective sounds, as the typical circles, indicate tree’s age: the grooves change as the recordplayer's head approaches the center. w00dPH1.0 wants to be a device that extracts from the matter a narrative soundscape where the tree itself is the narrator.
W00dPH1.0 consists in a real-time software developed in PureData. It uses for the interaction a video camera pointed at a “record” of wood which rotates on a turntable platter, and through image analysis sends in play audio collected from a library of prerecorded sounds. The device’s functioning is inspired by the way of reading vinyls made by a common record player, obvously this isfiltered by a system of arbitrary correspondence.
The sounds recording was made between Milano (Italy) and Tallinn (Estonia), and they were divided into three types, in three areas: in the city center (“newer” sounds), in parks, in the forest (“older” sounds). All recordings were made next to a tree in the fully-property (such as the trunks of trees) with a portable recorder with 4 channels, so as to return the 360 ° panoramic sound around the tree when the “record” is playing.
At the present time, LarsenSado (Milano, 1988) studies New Media arts as an exchange student at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn (Estonia). His research explores the use of new media in live music performance and real-time computer music, producing new controllers and compositions, always with a strong attitude to recombinate the significants of the reality trying do disseminate differents fuzzy meanings .
Fascinated by old technologies “low-fi”, the mix between organic and ICT and open source software’s potentiality he’s now playing under another name with corDeafCode in the band Akrodocs.

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