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Suk - Le Murate - Piazza della Madonna della Neve 50122 Firenze, Italia
Videos & Sound Installations May 20-22 2011



Massimo LIVERANI Pino GORI Stazione di rilassamento psicoacustico

Description of the installation:
It is an area inscribable in a circle with a diameter below 4 meters, wrapped in canvas supported by bamboo canes, pieces of wood, tufa or stone bases, tied with strings and ropes.
The height, including the supporting structure, is of approx. 250 cm.
The inside area, which can be accessed through special entrances, houses, in addition to the acoustic diffusers, a carpet, camping mats and cushions for people to lie down on.
Furthermore, there are lighting devices which project light on the canvas.

tela = canvas - bambù = bamboo - assonometria = axonometry - base tufo = tufa base - ca 2,50 metri = 2.5 metres approx. - pianta = plan - diffusore = speaker - entrata = entrance -
ca 6 metri = 6 metres approx. (indicative dimensions)

Description of the audio part:
It is a sound base lasting approximately 60 minutes, which will be reproduced in loop. We recommend sessions of approximately 10 minutes. The composition is based on the use of binaural beats at Theta frequency (4-8 hz). Said sounds, even if they are not audible, are perceived as vibrations in a binaural environment, have relaxing, therapeutic powers and stimulate the cerebral cortex. Since their pure sound is not particularly pleasant, the sounds are masked by natural sounds deriving from woody and seaside environments, which, from a psychoacoustic point of view, are also relaxing. Said composition is also overlapped by musical bases composed ad hoc and divided in 6 pieces of approx. 10 minutes, each interpreted by 6 different musicians.

The audio will be a 3d sound encoding system (A.G. 3d est 8.0) and 2 multidirectional speakers, (thanks to Luigi Agostini)

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