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Suk - Le Murate - Piazza della Madonna della Neve 50122 Firenze, Italia
Videos & Sound Installations May 20-22 2011



Maurizio GOINA Pietro POLOTTI Sonic Walking

Sonic Walking (SW) is an interactive installation which uses ecological sounds for the sonification of the walk.
The user explores such sounds walking within a defined area. The user can experiment with the sound of water, sand, fire, wind and sounds from the under-sea world. Sounds occur one at the time and it is the user to decide when to move from one to the other.
The main idea of this installation is not to explore simulated soundscapes, but to explore the expressive potential of ecological sounds by using own legs, hence by using a similar exploration modality (i.e. walking) as it occurs in the natural world. The activity helps to
stimulate the user’s sensitivity to ecological sounds and at the same time it stimulates perception, e.g. hearing and proprioceptive sensations.
The sound is generated through a natural movement – walking; it is generated by the user’s movement and at the same time it also influences his/hers movements, in an enactive manner, creating a continuous feedback. It is as the user would hear the sound of his/hers joints. As a final output the user creates a new and personal soundscape.
Attached is the videoclip of the installation which was performed in Trieste in the occasion of the “Researchers' Night 2010”. The installation was made by using an optical motion tracking system, which requires a square area of 800x800 cm. However, the installation
proposed to this symposium shall use inertial sensors which reduce the need for space to a rectangle of 800x100 cm (a corridor where the user can move) plus a small adjacent area where we can locate the computer (see technical documentation).
Two inertial wireless sensors are applied to the user’s legs, just above the knee.
The sonification of the walk is performed through a mapping based on the dynamic characteristics of the legs movement (speed, articulation, etc..) by using ecological sounds , this accounting for the characteristics of each sound.


Maurizio Goina
Viola player and an audio-visual composer based in Trieste, Italy.
Currently working as researcher on a Gesture Sonification project at the School of Music and New Technologies, Conservatory “G. Tartini” of Trieste.

Pietro Polotti teaches Electronic Music at the Conservatory “G. Tartini” of Trieste, Italy.
He collaborated with the University of Verona as researcher in Sonic Interaction Design.
He is part of the Gamelunch group − www.soundobject.org/BasicSID. In 2008, he started with Maurizio Goina the EGGS project − www.visualsonic.eu.

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