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Suk - Le Murate - Piazza della Madonna della Neve 50122 Firenze, Italia
Videos & Sound Installations May 20-22 2011



COCO LOCO Gianpaolo Di Cocco, Cristiano De Silva, Giacomo Allazzetta Vox Domestica

The chosen subject is the generation of sound and the perception within an apartment.

Each apartment has its own voice determined by the relations between the space itself and its inhabitants.

The subjectivity of those who live there, reacts with the form and content of these internal space. This interaction happens through the resonances scale and formal hierarchies internally developed by the viewer itself.

The internal space we propose is a 4x4 meters area bordered by 2 meters high plaster walls with the purpose to remind of a kind of maze.

-The Bicycle: a reversed bike stands on the “apartment” floor, a turning wheel activates the sound created by some cardboard stripes fastened on the bicycle spokes while a speaker emits sounds and noises as a counterpoint to the bicyle ones.

-aquarium: a mobile phone that shows moving images underwater; a speaker interacts with the sliding images transmitting sound; interpretation of the phone’s ringtones at home.

-the photos/window: on the walls of the built up space, our apartment, big photos shows external sites, forests, urban roads, as if the photos were windows. Each window “speaks” and plays, and the sound interprets the different watcher’s view: the elusive inhabitant of the space.

-the corners of the space: our apartment has its own life, and a voice to communicate with the inhabitant from the different corners, the concave corners welcome and the convex one refuses.

There will be several entrances to access this small space; the interior installations are visibile from outside, and visitors are invited to enter. The installations complicate and ampify the space, multiply the corners from where you hear and suggests different ways.

Authors Biographies

Collective COCO LOCO
Founded in 2010 by Giacomo Allazetta, Cristiano De Silva and Giampaolo di Cocco, has as its first task the participation at the competition “Keep an ear on” organized by the Symposium.

Gioacchino Allazetta (Ivrea 1985)
Painter, installer of video objects, performer;
Collaborate with Vanessa V. and perform in concerts/performances throughout Italy.

Cristiano De Silva (Florence 1976)
1990-2000: Drums studies, drummer with various ensembles; compositions in rock and electronics;
Since 2000: author of soundtracks for interactive installations, exhibitions and films, including ambient and electronic.

Giampaolo di Cocco (Florence 1947)
Movies in 8 and 16 m/m during the mid 70s;
Material and abstract paintings up to 1980;
Two-and three-dimensional paintings until 1993;
From 1988 he began the series “Grandi Naufragi” with temporary and permanent installations in Europe and America.

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