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Tempo Reale - Villa Strozzi - Via Pisana 77 50143 Firenze
Videos & Sound Installations May 20-22 2011



Michael CARMODY Elissa GOODRICH Anatomy of atoms

“Anatomy of atoms” is an audio-visual installation by musician/composer Elissa Goodrich and video artist Michael Carmody. The work is a meditation on human frailty and the forces beyond our control inspired by A.D. Hope's poem "X-Ray Photograph"

In “Anatomy of atoms”, we explore a hidden noise of daily life; the latent sense of mortality and forces both mechanical and temporal, beyond individual human control. We incorporate Hope’s remarkably profound poem which uses the x-ray as a metaphor for “glimpsing” at not only mortality but at what exists beyond our physical-material worlds. The installation, like the original poem expresses an unexpected, unnamed spirituality within the very mechanical “clinical” experience of x-ray, and a rage against mortality and indeed against war.

The installation “Anatomy of atoms” explores the ‘noise’ of anger, of frustration and of a rage against death both in its visual imagery and editing and within the accompanying sound design. In “Anatomy of atoms” reflections on war and the ‘noise’ audio and visual technology is employed to in fact, create a composed ‘noise’ against the machinery of war and of technology.

Michael Carmody (film maker)
Michael Carmody has designed video for numerous theatrical productions. In 2005 his short documentary DEBUTANES screened at the Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth International Film Festivals.
Elissa Goodrich (sound design, concept)
Elissa is an Australian freelance percussionist, composer and sound designer. Elissa graduated from Victorian College of the Arts (Melbourne, Australia) in 1998 and continues to work with various music ensembles, art installations and contemporary theatre & dance projects. Festival appearances for sound art compositions include: Slide into Sound’s ‘Playing Space’ installation with visual artist Gabby O’Connor (supported by Australia Council for the Arts), Otago Museum, New Zealand (2006), percussing scape Soundwaves Festival, Brighton UK (2007), Worlds Within Worlds’ song cycle, Melbourne International Arts Festival (2007) 4pm News (2008) & Repression (2009)- Zeppellin Sound Art Festival – Contemporary Cultural Centre of Barcelona, Spain, and Scanning the Bones I (45Downstairs, Melbourne, Australia) & Scanning the Bones II (Double Dialogues –Melbourne, Australia) with film-maker Michael Carmody. In 2009 Elissa was a co-recipient of a Green Room Award for director Bagryana Popov’s physical-theatre work – Progress and Melancholy (2009) and recipient of two co-nominations with colleague, pianist Clare Shannon for Australian Jazz Work of the Year 2009 for music from their Worlds Within Worlds CD (2008). 2010 sees Elissa continue her creative fellowship at the State Library of Victoria towards a new music /art installation – Child’s Play; and compose world-jazz work States of Play with colleague Clare Shannon for their Shannon-Goodrich Ensemble (supported by Australia Council for the Arts).

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