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Tempo Reale - Villa Strozzi - Via Pisana 77 50143 Firenze
Scientific & Music Program May 20-22 2011



Hans U. WERNER Listening towards a Mediology of Sound

The focus of this analysis has an intensive Point of Audition towards the interplay of technical, estehtic and cultural processes in the conception and production of sound in the studio and for the media. As an laboratory of emotion they confluence the acoustic communication and interdisciplinary creativity of designers and institutions. Those worlds of production are a microcosm of sound and mirror fractally the entouring culture and its dynamich of listening.
Already Coppolas Film „The Conversation“ reveals a conspiracy via auditive media and the movie is, so Tony Zaza, a representation of the production process itself. In this deep workflow of Organized Sound (for John Cage the term for all forms of audible material) cultur and knowledge for the ears and the other senses come together: within the use of contemporary technologies, esthetic as composition between unique works and preplanned formats for the media, socially through the interaction from the pocket factory to large media institutions, theoretically from deep discours towards mediation as culture. So a future production research of sound examines the complete process - as concept of themes and their mediality, as time design uand workflow from communicator to content and planning, as netowrk of technology and cooperation from the studio to distribution and reception. The study unfolds itself both interdisciplinary and intermedia oriented, as Soundscape and Communication, in Acoustic Design and Media for learning, as sound experience and sound biographie.
The overall thesis emphasizes that through listening in each production the state of media and their creative culture becomes perceptible.

Hans U Werner
Studien in Ton, Bild, FIlm und Musik, Dissertation über Acoustic Communication/Sound Studies; Experience as sound designer for radio and television, soundscape author and artist, with projects in Madrid, Lisboa, Montevideo, Vancouver, Chicago, New York and Stockholm.
Since 2005 Professor for Audio and Media at University of Applied Science in Offenburg.
Recent Publications:
Soundscape Dialogue, Göttingen 2006;
Media Soundscapes I and II, Medida University of Siegen 2006/2007
Media. Kreativität. Interdisziplinarität; Media University of Siegen 2009

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