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Tempo Reale - Villa Strozzi - Via Pisana 77 50143 Firenze
Scientific & Music Program May 20-22 2011



Sophea LERNER The Emperors New Noise :sonic mobilities, listening and the question of noise in Delhi.

The Emperors New Noise :
sonic mobilities, listening and the question of noise in Delhi

As the city of Delhi negotiates it's place on the global stage as a
21st century mega-city in one of asia's rising global economies the
question of how the city is changing can be sounded out through shifts
in attitudes to sound and noise.

A burgeoning public discourse about noise and noise abatement has
emerged in parallel to the aggressive remodelling of the city and
spacial upheavals of the years preceeding the recent commonwealth
games in Delhi.

The technical definition of noise which is invoked in noise laws has a
limited bearing on the value systems that define the idea of noise in
everyday contexts, and such ideas of noise abatement usually fail to
critically question the category of noise itself. What makes a sound
noise? To whom is it noise? Few of the sounds that are often termed
'noise' are actually physiologically harmful, and others, whilst
possibly deafening, are publically valued and therefore face little
opposition. Concise articulations of power or implicit value systems
can be sounded out through the permissions and restrictions on, and
access to, sound making in public space.

Listening in to sounds called noise, rather than shutting them out, is
a powerful way to approach noise. Differing indices of what is noise
to whom have been used to control movement and restrict loitering in
many urban spaces globally. Meanwhile many artists have brought
'noise' back into 'sound' through listening based approaches that
encourage a listener to slow down and hang around. Whilst noise
abatement usually focusses on control. By listening to what is called
noise we can begin to approach questions about the power relationships
that are being played out.

This paper examines noise and listening practices in Delhi in the
context of globalisation and the forms of urban modernity that have
been taking shape in the city.

Sophea is an Australian sonic media artist and sound designer
currently based in New Delhi where she has been exploring sound in
public space and shared listening practices as part of a long term
creative research collaboration across the city for the past four
years. Prior to this she spent several years leading media & sonic
arts courses at Sibelius Academy, Centre for Music & Technology in
Helsinki, during which time she directed numerous experimental radio
projects and workshops on sound in public space.

Her installation/performance/broadcast practice explores a range of
participatory and distributed collaborative modes and ensemble
production processes. She combines personal, mechanical, edible,
spatial, digital and telephonic networks into dynamic, flexible and
open hybrid radio architectures. As a live performer she plays radios
and works with gesture responsive sensors, improvised digital
instruments, telephones and network spaces as well as live mixing and
diffusion in concerts and radio broadcasts.

She has had numerous radiophonic compositions commissioned and
broadcast by ABC Radio Arts and was recipient of the 1998 Australia
Council New Media Arts/ABC Radio Arts fellowship.


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