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Tempo Reale - Villa Strozzi - Via Pisana 77 50143 Firenze
Scientific & Music Program May 20-22 2011



Ilaria MANCINO Excuse me, are you in favor or against it? Survey on the experience of opening of the historic centers in Italy.

Survey on the experience of opening of the historic centers in Italy
By Ilaria Mancino in collaboration with Associazione Sounday
Sometimes words move preconceptions that shape reality into its opposite. Sometimes, even deliberately, words indicate the opposite of what they are intended for. "Closing the urban center" is one of these misunderstandings, because "closing the urban center" is the opposite of its purpose. The center does not "close" if ever "open" because it is targeted to people and not to machines.
So, why do hesitate if the subjects of this choice are the humans who breathe, hear, need to talk, move, run?
Why do we doubt the benefits If these subjects are exposed to diseases due to harmful exposures?
Why do open to people the urban center, the seat of memory and cultural identity, artistic and social development of a city, seems so difficult?
What are the perceptions that prevent citizens, shopkeepers and workers to find mobility solutions tailored to the needs of livability?
The research of these answers start from people, citizens and the representation they have of the city-living.
Before investigating the acoustic soundscape, we investigate on the habitus through which, as citizens, we perceive the doxa of the noise, and the perception of acoustic
environment. So, we discover the foundations of the myth of sound as discussed in the contemporary city, its effects and its distortions.
The methodology of this research involves: soundwalks, phonometric measurements, interwiews to citizens, shopkeepers, trade associations and politicians, evaluation of listening conditions in the city (music halls, libraries, gardens, etc ...).
The research is conducted on five towns: Frascati (population approx 20000), Bologna population approx 380000), Gallipoli (population approx 21000) Padova (population approx 200000), Florence (population approx 370000).
Listening such as breathing, walking and talking is a function. When the citizen is forced to live in a condition of “acoustical handicap” the awareness of the soundscape is a physiotherapy.
The research is a work in progress through the network "Open your urban center" video documentary collective project coordinated by Sounday.
Ilaria Mancino

Ilaria Mancino
Musician, journalist involved in sound design with particular attention to the soundscape and the interaction among sound, music and environment. Degree in sociology of law.
Graduated in singing, specialized, with honors, in vocal chamber music ( Conservatory "G. Frescobaldi” - Ferrara). Attended Soundex (training superior sound design -Temporeale (Florence))
She worked as musical expert with the magazines Lyrica, Vogue, and for three years she edited a column about Opera in Confidenze (Mondadori). She edited the column "sound and the city" for one year on Trandy (Il Carlino). Since 2009 she directs the online publication SoundayTimes.com
With the association Sounday (FKL associated) she promotes holistic awakening to soundscape through projects of listening awareness. In this context, she has designed and conducted seminars and workshops [Ascoltare (MT 2007); A orecchie nude in città (BO 2009); Se dico Eco (BO 2009); RespirAzione (2010)] and sound walks. She participated in several conferences and seminars and published several articles on the interplay between sound and environment. From 2008 she's been working with Utef with conferences on the theme of classical music in relation to landscape and space perception.

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