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Tempo Reale - Villa Strozzi - Via Pisana 77 50143 Firenze
Scientific & Music Program May 20-22 2011



Roberto DOATI - Giacomo LEPRI, Irene PACINI, Michele PIZZI, Luca SERRA La Lanterna. Genova speculativa; Soundscape as source of inspiration for Hoerspiel

La Lanterna is part of “Der Klang des Südens - Eine Reise durch Töne, Worte, Musik”, a larger project by the Electronic Music School at “Niccolò Paganini” Music Conservatory - directed by Patrizia Conti - and Genova Goethe-Institut - directed by Roberta Canu - who submitted the project to three different cities hosting a Goethe-Institut within the Exzellenzinitiative "Eine Reise in den Süden" at the beginning of 2010. “Der Klang des Südens” concerned the realization of three Hörspiele based upon original German texts and music by young composers experienced in Electroacoustic Music.
The idea of the southern trip (Eine Reise in den Süden), a topic of the German Romanticism, has been developed here starting from the Soundscape of each of the three cities involved in the project: Barcelona, Genova, Lisboa. The starting point for the production was the Marinetti’s definition of radio (Wireless Imagination). In fact, the trip we gave the chance to make to the three writers (Judith Kuckart for Barcelona, Nora Gomringer for Genova, Juli Zeh for Lisboa) was the one we arranged for them through the sounds of our Soundscapes. This was the only source of inspiration to write their texts. Then the texts were translated in Catalan, Italian and Portuguese and the voices acting them, as well the Soundscape, formed the basis from which the musical part of the Hörspiel was developed. Therefore the sounds from the South reached Germany becoming text and then went back to the South to turn again into sounds.
The Genova Soundscape is mainly built on soundmarks, i.e. sounds that are particularly regarded by our community and its visitors: the harbor, the Genoese dialect (so close to Portuguese, therefore misleading!), the so called crêuze (walking passages from the mountains to the sea through the typical narrow streets made by red bricks and cobblestones), the handicrafts (frequently encountered in town and in the inland area), the local cuisine (e.g. recording of the preparation of the basil sauce, called pesto, during the Genova World Context), the caruggi (the noble casbah of the largest Historical Center in Europe), elevators and cable railways used to get around the steep roads, the trallalero (folk music made by male choirs), and finally the sea.
Although the predominance of the sea and its trade, our region’s culture is more an Earth culture, rather than a Sea culture. It can be understood if you consider our traditional cuisine, mainly based on herbs and vegetables. This is why the La Lanterna Soundscape has been composed from the many recorded soundmarks according a trip comparable to the one made by Genoese people in the ancient times, from the mountains to the sea, from the North to the South.

Biographical notes

Roberto Doati (Genova, 1953). He started electronic music studying with Albert Mayr at the Firenze Music Conservatory, where he is introduced to Computer Music by Pietro Grossi at the Divisione Musicologica del CNUCE at the Pisa University. In 1979 he moves to Venezia where he gets a degree in Electronic Music with Alvise Vidolin at the local Music Conservatory. From then on he has been working as a composer and researcher in the field of musical perception at the Centro di Sonologia Computazionale, University of Padova where he has held many summer workshops. From 1983 to 1993 he was a staff member of L.I.M.B. (Laboratorio permanente per l'Informatica Musicale della Biennale di Venezia), editing its publications and involved in the realization of several projects. Since 2005 he is Professor of Electronic Music at the Conservatory “Niccolò Paganini” in Genova. His compositions won him international acknowledgements, such as the two commissions from the International Festival of Contemporary Music “La Biennale di Venezia”, in 1995 for a work with voice and electronics L’olio con cui si condiscono le parole, and in 2005 for Un avatar del diavolo, a musical theatre work based on Antonin Artaud. Since 2008 he is author of works with video and electroacoustic music.

Giacomo Lepri (Genova, 1988). He approached the world of music at the age of 11 playing the piano. In a few years he became keen on Afro-American music culture and he started to study Jazz piano whit Fabio Vernizzi and Fausto Ferraiuolo. The study of the piano and of the “black” music also got him to deepen the typical percussive instruments of the Afro-Cuban and Brasilian tradition. Since the adolescence he has performed in disparate contexts with different ensemble. In 2005 started his interest in computer technologies for the music. In 2007 he enters the Electronic Music School at the “Niccolò Paganini” Music Conservatory in Genova. Recently he approached the contemporary art environment composing and presenting his works in art gallery for musical events.

Irene Pacini. She degreed in Piano in 1999 at the “Santa Cecilia” Music Conservatory in Roma under the guidance of Giuseppe Scotese. Then she starts to attend the Riccardo Dapelo Composition classes at “Niccolò Paganini” Music Conservatory, where she studies also Electronic Music with Roberto Doati. Her production extends over a large area including music, visual art and performance, e.g. Aforismi Musicali (2006) 44 musical flashes (speaker and piano), 7 Brevi Pezzi for piano 4 hands (2007), Doppi Giochi (2006-2008) graphic and musical scores for solos or small ensemble with voice or not, Spirito 1 (2008) for seven Tibetan bells, Sospirale (2009) sound installation, SO LONG AGO (2009) video and music installation.

Michele Pizzi (Genova, 1988). He studies Trombone and Electronic Music at “Niccolò Paganini” Music Conservatory. He is currently engaged as trombone player in several music ensembles, taking part in several concert, as well as in some important electronic music presentations, such as the “Voci elettriche” show, an event related to the centenary of Futurism in June 2009. In January 2010, on request of cultural association “Spazio Aperto”, he held the conference-concert “La musica elettronica” sponsored by the Music Conservatory and the Municipality of Santa Margherita Ligure, also performing his first composition for trombone and electronics.
Luca Serra (Maracalagonis – CA, 1981). From 2001 to 2006 he lives in Milan, where for one year he attends an audio-engineer course that increases his interest in electronic instruments. At the present he is studying Electronic Music at “Niccolò Paganini” Music Conservatory. He took part to several events, such as “Biennale Anterem di Poesia” in 2009, with the work Polvere, for electronic music and video and in 2010, for the fifth edition of “La Terra Fertile” in Sassari, where he presents an analysis of the composition principles in the electronic music piece Transicion I by Mauricio Kagel.

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