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Tempo Reale - Villa Strozzi - Via Pisana 77 50143 Firenze
Scientific & Music Program May 20-22 2011



Maria ANDUEZA A new kind of audience: the citizen of the work.

A new kind of audience: the citizen of the work

Nowadays, the sound in relationship with the context stirs up interest from different perspectives. If we focus in the city, the soundscapes are composed from the sounds of the everyday life and in some cases by those coming from artistic interventions. This is the result of the introduction of new media art in the realm of public art. In the case of the artistic sonic intervention it opens in the public space a sonorous oasis in the middle of the cacophony of the cities where the sonic material appears clearly to the perception of the citizens by creating a contrast with the context or simply by adjusting at the quotidian situation. In my presentation I propose to move forward in the analytical discourse of our sonorous environments, to analyze their aesthetical sonorous context from the point of departure of Sound Installations in the Public Space and, through the perspective of the citizens' perception. That is, explore those sonic interventions conceived by the artists in the context of the city from the perspective of the individuals that perceive the aesthetic environment without loosing their condition of citizens.
Thus, moving the speech away from the traditional concept of audience, it will be introduced the expression «citizen of the work» to refer an individual, walking through the city, whose attention is caught by surprise during his or her everyday life. The citizen is not a specialist viewer, nor a trained audience that approaches the artwork, but someone walking through the city that discovers the elements of the artwork and, in doing so, activates his aesthetic perception of the space. In some sense they turn into dwellers of the work. This factor provokes a new relationship of the citizenship with the urban environment and its complexity. This relationship, which is produced through the sounds in the area of our concerns, represents a radical change in the articulation of the artwork in the public space and also in the discourses that it generates in connection with the urban environment and in this case with the acoustic ecology.
María Andueza (b. 1978) is a Spanish artist and researcher based in Madrid. She got a Ph.D by her research on Urban Sound Installations. His artistic and theoretical work addresses concepts like the social character of the space and the site specific worked through the sound in the urban environment. As a researcher she has participated in international congresses and, as an artist has intervened different public spaces. Since she got her degree in Arts she has combined her research with other jobs such as cultural mediator in media art, set designer in a TV channel, cultural manager in a contemporary art gallery or university teacher on Sound Art. She has received different grants in her professional career and was for two years (2008-2010) researcher-in-residence at the Residencia de Estudiantes of Madrid, a historical place in the cultural context of Spain. In 2010 she obtained the Munch Extraordinary Chair to work at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts and the Bergen Center for Electronic Art (Norway). At the moment she is establishing contacts with different institutions to be a postdoctoral research fellow.
More information in her blog: www.mariaandueza.wordpress.com

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