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Tempo Reale - Villa Strozzi - Via Pisana 77 50143 Firenze
Scientific & Music Program May 20-22 2011



Giulia LIBRO TUNESCAPE - Visual exploration of the multidimensionality of sonic phenomena in urban context.

With the development of Soundscape studies, the knowledge of the sonic environment keeps going into those dimensions related to semantics, aesthetics and culture, usually neglected, in practice, by local governments. Following this multidisciplinary approach, we can think of systematic researches on the sonic environment and its interrelations with the urban system, to deeply understand such a complex phenomenon, respecting its multidimensional nature. However, a real integration of knowledge deep-rooted in different scientific traditions is still missing, in the same way a dialogue between researchers, decision-makers and city-dwellers is lacking, splitting the problem up into many partial visions. In an ecological design perspective, getting a complete picture becomes fundamental and this challenge, currently orienting research trends, opens up also to Communication, to answer the question: how can we get a deep image of sonic phenomena in urban context, making contact between complementary visions easier, in order to provide a meaningful planning and management of the problem? It is worth focusing on representing the relations between the qualitative dimensions of the phenomenon – with a look at the city-dweller, as a reference in orienting research as well as environmental and territorial development policies.The purpose is creating a digital tool (web platform) for the Soundscape researchers, to collect many multidisciplinary contributions and encourage the integration of knowledge of different urban systems, offering a first contact with the visions of decision-makers and city-dwellers. Institutional data and observations from a field study in Milan made the ground for the project and the experimentation in visualization: combining visual variables with the potentialities of digital artifacts, a
coherent system was created, useful to model the dynamics of any sonic environment and its elements, properties and effects, already largely studied.
Therefore, sound paths, spaces and events are represented in both analytical views, decomposed into different dimensions (spatio-temporal, physical, perceptive, semantic, aesthetic), and synthetical ones, meaning to make the complexity of the composition emerge, especially in the relations between its parts, and among these, space and society.
Hence, the name of the instrument: Tunescape – a panorama of patterns and dynamics of sound phenomena in urban context and of the (missed) syntonies of what the soundscape is and what it should be (according to different users). The digital artifact containing this model will let the researcher, through filters and editing tools, navigate inside a hypothetical database and insert his own contribution, enlarging the field of the Soundscape studies.

Giulia Libro

Born in Feltre (Italy) in 1986, after getting the high school diploma at Liceo Scientifico, she enrolled in the Bachelor of Science course in Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano, graduating in 2007 with an interactive multimedia project about the French graphic designer Philippe Apeloig (supervisor: Prof. Gianfranco Torri). She continued her education at the same University attending the Master of Science course in the same field of study; in 2008, she took part in the Erasmus program spending a semester at Universität der Künste Berlin, in which occasion she approached the field of information design and data visualization and grew her interest in animation and video.
The year after, she decided to deepen these design directions attending, as a final course, the DensityDesign lab coordinated by Professor Paolo Ciuccarelli. In 2010, she got the Master degree in Communication Design (110/110 cum laude) with a thesis about the visualization of the urban sonic environment (supervisor: Prof. Paolo Ciuccarelli; cosupervisor: Prof. Alberto Morelli). As a graphic designer, she also worked in 2009 with the production studio 3d Produzioni in Milan, developing motion graphics for web tv and institutional videos.


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